Baptist Ministers Conference Of Woodbury And Vicinity Of New Jersey

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Rev Collins Days NewRev Collins A. Days, Sr. from Second Baptist Church in Atlantic City, New Jersey, preaching for Bethany Minister’s Conference and Woodbury and Vicinity May 20-22nd, 2015 @ 7:30 pm EST. Reverend Collins A. Days, Sr. entered South Carolina State College in 1978 to pursue a Bachelor’s in Political Science. In 1982, while still in college, he was called to the ministry.

Rev. Days became the youngest full-time Pastor in the State of South Carolina when he accepted the call to Round-O Baptist Church in Darlington, SC. After thirteen years of serving the congregation and community in Darlington, SC, Rev. Days relocated, with his family, to Atlantic City, NJ, to help the congregation of Second Baptist Church, Atlantic City, NJ, with over 3,000 members; he shepherds one of the largest congregations in Atlantic City. Since his arrival in 1994, Rev. Days has and continues to significantly impact Atlantic City, its surrounding areas, and the mission field abroad. He has served as President of the Fellowship of Churches of Atlantic City and vicinity and has preached in 20 countries. In addition, he has initiated, implemented, and promoted numerous community-based and community-supported projects.

Rev. Days’ commitment to missions is evident through the agency of the United Brethren in Action (UBIA), of which he is President. UBIA supports mission partnerships in Kenya, where a children’s orphanage was established to provide housing and education for more than 200 children. Other mission efforts in Kenya include the development of a Solar Cooker Project, a drinking water well in the dry eastern portion of the country, health clinics, and businesses. In addition to Kenya, Rev. Days has also visited the following countries to perform missionary work abroad: Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, India, Haiti, Trinidad, and the United Kingdom.

Soon after he arrived at Second Baptist Church, Rev. Days established a Community Development Corporation, Vision 2000, for which he serves as President. Vision 2000 has accomplished much in the Atlantic City area, including developing homeownership programs, creating the Civil Rights Garden, building senior citizens’ apartments, instituting minority-owned businesses, and establishing low-income housing. In addition, he serves on the Board at the John Brooks Recovery Center, which offers substance abuse treatment services in Atlantic City for New Jersey residents. Rev. Days is also the public face and President of the Board of Directors for the Atlantic City Long Term Recovery Group (ACLTRG), one of the more successful private Hurricane Sandy relief programs in the State. ACLTRG has coordinated the repair of more than 100 homes in Atlantic City’s poorest, most neglected neighborhoods.