Church Live Broadcast

Not too long ago churches that had church live broadcast were online were mainly mega churches. Initially you would need lots of money to obtain the encoders and also the equipment that you would need to be able to get your church live broadcast. What a difference a few years have made! Today anyone and everyone has their church live broadcast online. Thank God for small encoders that area lot cheaper and smaller.

There is a new challenge on the horizon for church live broadcast their content over the web. Every one of these churches has invested heavily into websites and equipment, but hasn’t realized there is more to getting new customers online than just streaming. If your website was not generating new visitors or your weren’t getting an influx of new customers to your site prior to your church live broadcast, then it will not start because you started to live streaming or archiving your church services. They likely won’t find your web page after you start church live broadcast over the web. Word of mouth is good, but no one should limit their church growth in this digital age just to the individuals they know. With the archived and On-demand video streaming escalating churches must find ways to tap into this increasing booming trend.

The real key to being successful for all websites is to be able to be discovered by customers or potential members using keywords searching for what you are offering on the 1st few pages of search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other major search engines. Let’s think this through. When you are selling cameras and you have many other websites selling cameras, how will your company web site get to the front of the line so potential consumers can find your page with the cameras you are selling?  

That is where Streaming Churches Online might help your preaching ministry. We don’t just help churches stream online. We get new business every day on our site looking for church related news and videos. They found our site not just thru word of mouth, which is a great thing. They are finding us thru search phases according to what they are looking for on churches that are live streaming their services online. Visitors who are looking for words with online church or if they type in live church online they will be able to find our web-site. These are generally steps that church administrators should research to find out where they are in search. Unfortunately most church administrators only believe all they need to do is start streaming and the potential new members will come. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Most of the times when we mentioned these things to churches they look up their church by typing their church name in major search engines and their church come to the top of that search engine they believe things are going well. For the most part, some of the people we talked to seems satisfied that their ministry name is on a search engine. Unfortunately people find it hard to make the connection as to when they are looking for a Plummer online. If you knew the name of the Plummer you would just call that company. What one would normally type in is “best Plummer in Philadelphia” for example. This is no difference to a search engine when you are looking for a church. Just typing a church name and believe someone else is going to find your ministry is believing your ministry has great name recognition’s and everyone on the web is aware of your church. One question we always ask potential customers; how many people on the web know your church name? Unless you are spending thousands of dollars to raise your church name recognition, your church name recognition is low. Only if you have very popular ministries where there is some other platform that is driving people to inquire about your website then you will need better marketing for church growth.

This is when Streaming Churches Online can help your ministry. We will advertise your ministries online by you live streaming or achieving your sermons with us. This will likely allow potential new members online who ‘researching close to you to find your ministry not knowing your church name. Please call for a free no obligation webinar presentation to find out how we are helping other ministries and how we can help yours. Don’t miss out on the video streaming trend by not marketing your ministry and depend on word of mouth alone. Since you have stepped into the online streaming ministry make it a productive experience. Get the web presence your ministry deserved!


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