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Marketing-your-websiteA few years ago churches that were online and streaming live were medium to mega churches. First you would need lots of money to purchase the encoders and the equipment that you need to be able to go live. What a difference a few years have made! Today anyone and everyone is live streaming their churches. This has caused a stiff competition online for churches that are live streaming online. Let us show you what we can do for your ministry to beat the stiff competitions. If your church is not on the 1st few pages of search engines without typing in the name of your church you may be losing out on potential new members. There are over a billion websites on the internet and if your site is not ranked at the top or driven by top keywords, your online visibility are low. It will be difficult for new members to find your site. Bible teaching and preaching has become the norm online and so does the competition to be on top. We can help your ministry achieved more visibility for your live, archived videos and marketing of your up and coming events. In today’s world, websites have to be highly ranked to be able to compete and draw potential new church members in today’s online market place. We are constantly developing apps that will give our customers quick access to our site and allow them to broadcast their services in any outreach environment using WiFi or wired connections.

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