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What is going to happen to live video streaming churches ministries in the coming years? Based on some marketing companies, video streaming will control up to 80 percent of internet traffic. To get a better understanding where we going, we need to understand where we started from. It wasn’t too long ago live online streaming videos were part of a large production. Now, anybody can stream live. That’s correct…Facebook, YouTube and most video platforms allow users to live stream.

Big and small Churches are doing the same. Today it seems if churches are not live streaming to social platforms they are without the benefit of gaining potential new members. This new found idea is a great idea for forward thinking church ministries. Despite the fact that the idea of live streaming aren’t going to replace the in church experience, it allows members that might be remote or on a break to be able to still feel a part of whatever is going on by being able to tune-in to goings on of that service or activities of the ministry.
Most ministries are realizing that just by streaming their ministries online will not likely automatically draw new members. They are finding out there’s are lots of competitions for church live streaming. If their websites are not optimized to compete online, live streaming will not bring them new members.
Church leaders have to be educated if they want to draw new members and boost their live and on-demand video streaming in the years ahead. There are a some things that must be done. 1st they really should understand there are and will be stiff competition on the web around online video marketing. 2nd they have to pay to get eyes on their content thru some form of advertisement. 3rd the quality of live streaming must be extremely professional. This mean lots of training for the technical staff. 4th, they must jump when the opportunity arrive to convert an online viewer to become a brick and mortar visitor. :
Live streaming will be the future of 80-90 percent of online content
Live streaming video will further accelerate streaming videos overall share of website traffic. Streaming video accounts for over two-thirds of all internet traffic, and this share is expected to jump to 82% by 2020, according to Cisco’s June 2016 Visual Networking Index report.
Live video’s value comes from its unique potential to add an authentic human element to digital communications. As a result, brands are leveraging three main streaming methods to connect with their viewers: tutorials, product launches, and exclusive and behind-the-scene footage.
While live streaming is still in its early stages, brands are leveraging micropayments, mid-roll video ads and direct payments from social platforms, to monetize their live streaming videos.
Today, live streaming is easier, cheaper, faster, and more effective than ever before. And those trends are only going to continue. More and more churches, individuals and organizations are discovering the benefits of live video. It provides new ways to engage audiences like never before.