Live Sunday Church Service Online

Streaming live your church with us online will not only give your ministry  streaming capabilities, but it will go  extend beyond streaming which most church webpages don’t have and give you a great online presence that will help others to find you when they  surf for churches on the web. Most ministries believe if they are  streaming they are popular. This the furthest thing from the truth. Internet streaming alone is NOT what make  websites popular. Streaming Churches Online have been working in the background for years to make our  name stand out on the  web. We will give you a great online presence that will help others to  find your ministry without knowing your church name when they make an online search. That’s where some churches are lacking web presence even though they have a website for a few years.  Our online platform have made it easy for all  ministries by eliminating the technicality and  time it takes to make your  site popular.
We are here to be of service to all churches that are  concerned in the distribution the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus  Christ. If your organization is a  non denominational  church, we can help you to get more visibility for your ministry online.  Our mission is to lead folks to become fully  devoted followers of our Lord and Savior Christ. It’s  the purpose of  SCO INC and it is how we intend on  making a difference in people’s life which is the driving force behind all we do.
As church changes  right in front of our eyes from a local church to a global church. We would like you to  become apart of a movement that is going high tech to spread the love and mercies of our Lord and Savior  Christ.
 The mission of our web site is to change lives and communities world  wide by providing  pastors the opportunity for much  more visibility  for their own ministry so their voices would be heard around the world thru archived videos, live broadcasting or radio of the gospel of Jesus.
 We know the  challenges ministries face each day in their decision to fulfill the Great Commission.  This is why Streaming  Churches Online offers solutions which could   enlarge the territory of your ministry.
The options of allowing pastors and parishioners to  have the ability to watch sermons online  24 hours a day is exciting in  many ways. It allows ministries to always have an online internet presents  after their “live” broadcast is  over. Even though the online experience is different than in onsite experience, it offers potential new members a window into what your ministry is about. We  feel it will eventually en-large your local  congregation.
If your church is located in any of the 50  states including Illinois and any of the major cities of Springfield or Chicago and surrounding towns, we can help your ministry get the online  attention it  need to compete with other ministries that are popular online.

We can carry your broadcast if your ministry is located in  any of the fifty states and is already live streaming your church services on TV or online. We will give you the visibility  your ministry needs.
Alabama, Montgomery, Birmingham,Alaska, Juneau, Anchorage,Arizona, Phoenix,Arkansas, Little  Rock,California, Sacramento, Los Angeles,Colorado, Denver,Connecticut, Hartford, Bridgeport,Delaware, Dover,  Wilmington,Florida,Tallahassee, Jacksonville,Georgia, Atlanta,Hawaii, Honolulu,Idaho, Boise,Illinois, Springfield,  Chicago,Indiana, Indianapolis,Iowa, Des Moines, Kansas, Topeka, Wichita,Kentucky, Frankfort, Louisville,Louisiana ,Baton  Rouge, New Orleans,Maine, Augusta, Portland,Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore,Massachusetts, Boston,Michigan, Lansing,  Detroit,Minnesota, St. Paul, Minneapolis,Mississippi, Jackson,Missouri, Jefferson City, Kansas City,Montana, Helena,  Billings,Nebraska, Lincoln, Omaha,Nevada, Carson City, Las Vegas,New Hampshire, Concord, Manchester,New Jersey, Trenton,  Newark,New Mexico, Santa Fe, Albuquerque,New York, Albany, New York City,North Carolina, Raleigh, Charlotte,North Dakota,  Bismarck, Fargo,Ohio, Columbus,Oklahoma, Oklahoma City,Oregon, Salem, Portland,Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Philadelphia,Rhode  Island, Providence,South Carolina, Columbia,South Dakota, Pierre, Sioux Falls,Tennessee, Nashville, Memphis,Texas, Austin,  Houston,Utah, Salt Lake City,Vermont, Montpelier, Burlington,Virginia, Richmond, Virginia Beach,Washington, Olympia,  Seattle,West Virginia, Charleston,Wisconsin, Madison, Milwaukee,Wyoming, Cheyenne