The Future of Live Streaming In Ten Years

This conversation was captured from a live panel in 2016

Thank you for coming we do get the benefit as we do get the last word in live streaming so is it going to do today I’m going to give a brief intro and some contacts to the session then going to the Palace introduce themselves just have a couple slides it’s really going to be mostly talking discussion we do have lots of questions from that’s in the panel description we’re going to attempt to answer those we also have more and I’m also going to make sure we can get questions from the audience actually feel free anytime to chime in if you have a burning question will also have towards the end I’ll make sure you Chara panelist gets to answer the question what’s coming in 5 to 10 years because this panoply about the future and we just had Rob running around with the cool VR set right let me know we know that there’s more to video than just you know what we’ve seen in the past and in today there’s a lot of great stuff coming in the future and so that’s that that’s the plan and let’s just get started so my quick introduction is I’m with new line we’ve done about 50,000 Live Events last year streaming video and so we’re all excited about the space and one thing about this show which I’m very grateful for is that we’ve gotten past the question hey is the internet important is internet ready for video it absolutely is exactly seen in all the difference of presentations and products that this is a maturing a business now it’s far from being completely mainstream it’s far from being without disruption there still a lot of exciting things happening and it was clear though is that it’s not if it’s going to happen it’s a it’s much more of a question of went so I’m glad we’re past that stage of asking who is the internet going to be interesting for video of course it is it’s the way it’s the future so there’s definitely no discussion there so the real question is it when is it going to happen how’s it going to happen where the details what’s going to happen with the challenges to making this live video to the internet really be something that’s a great experience how’s it going to be different how’s it going to be better because I can’t just be the same until as we look at the future we know that it’s not going to be simple because if there’s so many combinations of Technology they’re coming so there’s going to be some complexity but I do think it’s going to be compelling and I think it’s going to be a great experience and video itself is going to be part of even a larger experience so I think as we talked about this their parents will get some ideas there so the panels great because these are the people that are doing it now and also defining the future so with that let’s say let’s go out and have them do a quick introduction will go so I sent American we’ll go this way and go down the panel so I know Robert has some slides I’ll jump to that first one there speak to you I’ve been coming to this trade show for a long time or celebrating our 15th year in business at streaming media hosting my background is that I used to go to a place called Poly Pomona and in 1990 I graduated we were at war with Iraq and Bush was in office and there were no jobs I’d had 1500 views and couldn’t land a gig cuz they said I wasn’t copier material and the only job that I could find in this book I had bought and called the best companies to work for was AT&T and so I didn’t know that they were branding me with the Death Star but before I left I spent the next five years being branded and taught service speed reliability and wide area networks and there were two things I cared nothing about but the internet exploded in 1995 Netscape could come out and I was off and running so I decided to start my own hosting business I called it microscope is every CEO take my phone call cuz it was a micro something or that scape thing became like the Two Buck Chuck of wine twenty bucks and you had to give everybody everything from email to e-commerce to DNS security and it was like time to get out vinyl stream was ahead of everybody back then and I quickly followed the back of the elephant and was one of their first clients and then eventually became my own CD on in my own collocation facility now I stand in front of you by speaking on this panel and thank all of you for letting me speak to you I am a Crossman I have a company called streaming garage my background was TV comedy used to ride for alderman comedy shows Politically Incorrect in South Park and all sorts of stuff that was reality came in about six seven years ago decided to build my own life studio in my garage 5 camera multi-camera switching with a tricaster I started doing shows on the internet so I’m all about content so we did a movie review show big after what they did our garage so yeah that was because I wanted to sort of get out of the TV mold and just be creative myself fences well small panels we do stuff for Screen Actors Guild we do a lot of stuff for YouTubers as well and a big influence you like Michelle Phan we live stream stuff for her so that’s sort of pretty much sums up my background in bloodstream the garage is were content company will resell shows we do live streaming events as well and I’ve tried a lot of people have learned through our company on the tricaster now working for big companies like the NFL Network great thanks Mike alright Chris thinks my name is Chris Moulton work with wowza media systems and BP and streaming industry evangelist I started in streaming in about 1999 working for a company called internet cash appliances in working with Microsoft in the relationship went to Microsoft ended up running program management for their Windows Media Services in is Media Services teams and starting what is now the windows Azure wowza media systems if you’re not familiar with it creep software that allows you to stream in multiple formats both traditional and adaptive bitrates for mats from a single piece of software that you can subscribe to or purchase recent release streaming Cloud that allows you to do all of your streaming and transcoding and delivery from single Cloud using a very simple interface great thanks Chris rich Robinson I run digital at the world surf League or the NFL of Surfing we produce top-tier surf competitions around the world and a package of a broadcast from different remote beaches that we went abroad casting to a global audience using a platform appreciate that thank you very much and up my name is Jeff Parnell I’m with live stream I’ve been there for five years we are live video platform if you haven’t heard of us and we also develop and manufacture hardware and software for the producer market last year we did about four million events on the platform that came from about 300,000 different producers so as you can tell we have a lot of people using the platform some of those customers are using us the kind of high-profile ones New York Times is on the platform the Ted organization Tesla does their company announcements on the platform so that kind of content we have things like music concerts and educational events a lot of house of worship use our platform sweet kind of a wide variety of events on the platform and really what we’re trying to do is just enable people to put every event live on the internet that’s our goal all right great thanks it’s not one of the first things we when we started talking about and what are some of the issues with live streaming and what’s the future we got this question of awareness how do people find out there’s lighter than so used to be you know there was only a few people doing Live Events it was the only thing but now there’s hundreds of thousands of different events going on so my question to the panel and feel free were once and jump in first and what role did social media play inside of live streaming well I mean that we relied on that we first start off here aren’t you streaming also a live streaming we were front page so we’d that was nice that’s how we got our attention at first and then is more people started live streaming and producing content to just a webcam it became harder and harder to be seen and social media help but not a great deal as much as you expected to we had some band had a million followers on Twitter but still our numbers didn’t jump that much cuz I’m how engaged are they I think now with Periscope and meerkat now that it immediately can tell your phone through your Twitter or whatever that definitely has helped that’s up to me I see was a big problem with life that we always were 6-7 years just couldn’t get a grasp on and we’ll go talk to people like you store my Life cereal to add to calendar and what to do if it was no immediate pop up immediately were alive now so we use social media back then if we’re going to post it everywhere people don’t check their Twitter feed her check her Facebook feed later so I think the big thing is now that you’re getting something on your phone almost like a text word Amelia pops up I think that’s helping greatly yeah I’ll jump in at 2 so that so the challenge of getting people to endure Live Events is kind of cord to the nature of our support every day we wake up and we compare the forecast with the conditions on the beach and decide whether we’re going to run once we do run running for about 8 hours of the day that’s a live broadcast doesn’t stop no interruptions what that means for us with our fans is and I’m sorry I just got a hold of course right before I can sit up here but what that means for our fans is you know it’s important for us to set a certain expectation of cadence and when to check back but once we made that call to run its pulling all of the lovers whether it’s across social to our native as we could be a push notifications we tried obviously add a bit of added value to that so you know you may not know when a particular Surfer that your that’s your favorite my pee in the water we try to let you know based on the scoring system when that guy is literally paddling out so we see a lot of spikes around individual Heats going in and out of the water you’ll see people jump on as a particularly popular Surfer will come on board but you know what tuning is a key challenge for us and one that were kind of keenly focused on SI how do you how are people have any notifications right so notifications tied to events like you not just saying hey this is happening but hey the guy I want is out there and because of his point totals this could be the big run right so how do we technically get those events notifications up people APUSH email the standard ones things are starting to explore are you know Facebook is coming out with some tool through mentions were you able to kind of credit no more one-to-one connection with individual people and plugin API to start communicating with people on Snapchat profile WhatsApp is well I’m trying to find a WeChat I think of any other ways to establish a connection with people online chat platforms where we can we did a broadcast recently we’re in its it’s amazing because the agents for artists have found this pot of gold and it’s called their Twitter account right so we did a broadcast for iheartmedia and we did it called Wango Tango and part of the contract with Kanye West Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber Justin Bieber has 20 million followers right so to extension of what Mike said when you have a million followers you may not get the results you want but with 20 million follower throughout the day we ended up with half a million followers watching the video because part of Justin’s contract is that he has the tweet and this is kind of what Mike mentioned is it now there’s technology where you can get instant gratification notification and click a button and his tweet messages I’m coming on stage now personally it cost me a lot of money because I was the host and the bad with Bill would have been double had Justin put the Lincoln on where to watch him instead of just go find me on life right so I look at with social was and what it could have been and it had a humongous effect on the success of the event and if he had tweeted the URL of where to find it I believe the numbers would have even climbed higher and there’s a direct correlation between Nick Jonas at 7 million Kanye West at 10 million and Justin Bieber at 20 million so the extremes we find them to be very valuable and that’s a good lesson if you’re doing a big push for something I have their contracts date exactly what they have to tweet I also ran for election for Big Frame which is multi-channel network and we have a lot of YouTubers and they want to do stuff sometimes they’ll do whatever they want so if you supposedly said you got to do a link or there’s a penalty that that’s pretty important. It’s an old movie it when you’re doing contracts and things like that with what are people going to expect when they when they get notified of this what kinds of the week we talked about this before we showed the VR around and what about the are 4K HDR are refills going to demand these kinds of things in the future is this is going to be possible on the platforms we have today what it what are people looking for what I mean I think that we’re already seeing a lot of preliminary demand and I think you’re going to see a lot more they had 154 people tuned in from around the world to watch the Democratic debates in virtual reality it was broadcasted live over the Samsung Network the Samsung is work for the company called Next BR they’ve taken a technology that’s now embedded on the chipset to take advantage of hevc because it’s a Qualcomm chip in Qualcomm so I’m bored right so now you got a CH. 265 in the left and right I now you got it where it’s coming over on your phone like you saw today but it’s live and it’s happening today is a matter of fact Peter Gruber an investor who was also the owner of the Golden State Warriors said get out here and broadcast opening night in VR which they did so the theme of bringing the NFL or the NBA or the MLB to China without bringing the teams to China because how else do you get a bunch of people the experience at this way is all happening right now live and that’s where I was showing you guys not so much picture of live streaming but where it’s at today in the you know the gear VR is going to come out for a hundred bucks than any Samsung phone will plug into and there’s a wide Library already growing content and leaders like John that took a 75 Million Dollar Round from ABC is in Syria right now trying to capture as much information as they can you have next we are that just hit a 30 Million Dollar Round I think Comcast completed it so these guys are racing ahead to bring you live video content immediately and then in the other room we have guys like video Stitch that have already been out there ahead of some of the other companies just not as high-profile so they’ll be winners and losers but it is it’s coming like a freight train and I think the expectation is amazing I was talking to the rich about the new video they released it was unbelievable where you could be in a wave and be circling and be behind them and be able to watch it and now it’s taken that level of interaction between me and video to the next level so now I’m my expectation is where is your awesome stuff and I think that that’s kind of what you guys are doing really raising the bar were definitely were experimenting that space and we’ve seen a lot of great what time is he deliver experiences that you can’t get otherwise you wouldn’t know what it was like to be Barrel in Tahiti without one of our Surfers taken that camera in with them I will say though you know that one yeah that’s a VOD component when we start time out live streaming I am hesitant to say that we know exactly what the story how the story ends up being told in VR in a live context I think it gets it can be a great opportunity to provide that access to the beach that otherwise people couldn’t get butt we do still see their being important on the broadcast itself and I’m kind of the way in which the broadcast team tells that store and tells you where you should be looking where is you know that that they are component in a lot of contacts I think is a really great kind of adjacent experience that we can provide as a value-add to the story but he’s expecting you. Always want the broadcast maybe in your ear so you heard the commentary you understood the color of what was going on at the time and kind of no pieces together so I guess one of the questions then is the infrastructure ready for this I mean Chris can wowza do 4K yet or you know how does can we do high-risk customers that are using for cayenne of tried it for 4/4 live events at the challenge is getting all the pieces that you especially if you need other things like captioning and you want to get all devices and is the right do I have the right codex on the devices if I want to hevc on h.265 or vp9 so the all the pieces are there separately they don’t necessarily fit together seamlessly all the time it’s much easier today to go with a 1080P and then look at some of the technologies that come around HDR in a wider color gamut more bit depth that will provide a much better experience arguably than the 4K stuff will but work is definitely there it’s on the cusp and as more and more TVs and other devices have support for it I think the demand will continue to go up for free content to actually be available on those devices so that brings up the question actually made that point what does make it better that it’s on live streaming over the Internet with all these technology any kind of can you guys talk about why is it better find that you know we saw we were very heavy production we had five cameras while people were still doing their webcams and I still find today that people doing their webcam still get more views people want interact that you know when it’s a very it’s online it’s creeping up it’s still a very young age especially like with YouTubers it’s 10 to 12 year old 10 to 15 year old kids watching they don’t seem to care about the professional quality and whenever I ask about it they’re like it’s not TV I don’t like TV why would why would I want to watch that looks like TV so my question to be for that is you know we’re all kind of in this space or all kinda nerdy or experts about it but I don’t know if that’s what the consumer wants right now I certainly would love to have the consumer kind of gramp up in age a little bit to go for it you know I always try to be smart or contents why I left but you know what and I left I left heading up a YouTube company production cuz I just it was the same it was even lower than reality TV sometimes but get back to your question to can I combine the two is you know I would people enjoy about live is the interaction you know take away sports betting Sports will always be great lie whether you call an internet or whatever haunted devices at this point but if you’re talking a show whether you know it’s a talk show her music show people want interact with almost one single person they like that there’s the info they want to know more about their life and see kind of what the life is around them and I still think where we haven’t cracked that nut past that yet we’re still that that’s very that get you views that that’s where the brands are still going to when you know how do we get it past that into a TV sort of Life feel you know when to the next step and I’m not sure if that matters Arts we are 4K I think there’s a Content problem still and we might never go there I mean that was kind of one of the things that Drew me into live on the internet when I first got into this business is that the interactive piece to it had never really taken place on television it’s the first time that these people watching the contact can ever ask questions with the celebrities or whoever’s on the camera until there’s something kind of magical about that yes it’s low quality but it’s absolutely something that people enjoy to experience I need the quality of it can get better for sure but I think that is what makes live online a lot more interesting than life on television is that interactivity piece it fits well with computers it fits well with mobile so he that with the end with NBC with that new that crazy game show thing they were doing and they were trying to use with her actions through Skype it just doesn’t work not the same thing as you’re sitting passively you know you’re sitting back in your couch is opposed to on the computer and actually talking to somebody the overproduced really fun stuff does not appeal to anybody under 30 yeah I got my little phone in my webcam and Periscope how do you compete or what it what is the Dynamics of making it work were there can be people doing their own little thing but big things and how do you how do you make that stuff work let me know it’s measured by CPM cost per thousand and if you’re doing user-generated content that anything is not considered premium content you’re going to get three bucks per thousand people and if it’s on mobile you might get ten bucks because they’re hoping they buy Candy Crushers right as long as you get mobile views premium content right demands a higher value and just kind of take a step back to I would love to find out if we could ever know so we have DirecTV and anytime they say you want to watch On Demand I always click SD not HD cuz I don’t want to wait for it to download curious to know what that number looks like across the board of how many people cared that they can watch their program instantly in St and be just fine versus waiting for the download to watch it in a welcher and I think maybe one point in this is that you’ll quality doesn’t necessarily mean a cell I think it’s a value of accessibility and how they can get it how quickly they can get it and how interactive it’s going to be at 2 Kevin Gates Right In can actually ask questions to people on the Fly those things matter I want to know how much this ties in the second screen like 2 years ago second screen was all the buzz that I could pick up my iPad I can interact with what’s going on or other viewers were watching a particular program and where I thought it was going to go and I haven’t seen as much girls recently but I still think there’s a lot of room for it is there was some apps and some companies that were specifically doing things like where they would have the premiere of something of the season premiere would be on and then have the whole cast watching on the second screen and you can interact with the whole cast in real time as they were watching that final edited episode that was very compelling I think for some people that challenge was having two devices and streaming to go and I suspected as we go towards for can we have more real estate you can actually do things where you have sort of the two pictures on the same screen and you’ll get a keyboard with your with your television you’ll be able to interact directly with him that way and maybe also work in the back channels he actually had video going back to them and they can actually talk to you directly second screen through Verizon and it wasn’t so much, and it was just like you know bios about the people who appear on little games play just a pop-up video and I don’t know it started to come to me like how much does it’s really relate and who cares are we just doing a lot of content out there and then this is a question I was headed I can’t on the screen we actually have it playing as well as so it’s one thing with it you know it was a couple different screens but they couldn’t because they wouldn’t Fox wouldn’t license that and Verizon could get a license in Pepsi so no sorry the you know it the show lives on the network and the second screen lives on the device and they couldn’t come by in the two and I just felt silly to me for exactly what you said nobody’s I don’t think it ever worked correctly I mean it was definitely cool to try this is like 3-4 years ago but you’re right I ain’t nothing ever became of it E-40 has more value than 3D and televisions and I’ll Daven the time even knew what they hooking up a set-top box are getting a direct feed but I wonder if this will be one of the ways that we look at selling televisions in the future and set-top boxes in a n devices is what additional functionality R-value can I add including you know getting into the production of those additional assets it really make it a much more in-depth experience for the viewer I think speaking of today I think we were talking about it earlier and I think one of the best examples out there is something that rich can maybe expand more on that the world surfing League does in and I’ll let him explain more on this but it’s because it was made from the internet it wasn’t made from TV so when you look at production on the internet that came from television it’s significantly different than production that grew up on the wild west of the internet there Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Com that was seriously the URL and for a global audience for the things you don’t speak English natively they would have to somehow hunting pack and find that URL and they would and they were and they were diehards to Planet Sub so now that we’ve centralized it all it would take in that innocent that off the table and that we can kind of repeat message a single home for the sport but I mean as much as I am excited by what we bring on top of broadcast I know we can do so much more you know where we’re trying to expand into what additional data we can we start clicking on the beach that tells a better story a bottom line always coming back to what’s the better narrative that you’re not just stats for stat sake that you know MLB does a fantastic job of showing every single that you could ever know about every single thing and I argue that by challenge some of them on how you drive back to whether it has impact on future outcomes but it’s all fun father for the conversation I think we can just you know keep pushing that and then keep demonstrating ways in which just that passive viewing experience is bested by what you can do on the internet all right so before I get into the am giving their predictions for the next 5 to 10 years you have any questions from the audience people want to ask quiet all right well let’s go down and give some predictions about what’s coming in at 5 to 10:20 what’s going to be different about live streaming than it is today and what actually is high what are some of the challenges we have to overcome to make this work right where it’s like I said we’re not quite mainstream yet the boy it’s coming fast in a lot of energy is being applied to live streaming on the internet so what’s going to happen if I had the 10 years all I actually would see will go and then go ahead and so that’s where our focus is now and moving forward and what we see in the future is you know things Wireless is getting better connectivity is getting better you used to have to produce content from a satellite truck that’s now been reduced to the back of a room and we see that getting scale down even further so if you can just in your mind think about wireless cameras all over the room HD back into one you know little device and you’re basically producing a high-quality live show from that little device that’s where we see things going it’s going to enable a lot of people to become much more professional producers of content is going to allow that kind of user-generated content to go up a level and it’s just going to allow that many more people to put their events online alright Richmond rather than tell you where we’re at the smell just tell you what I want I’d love to see the ad space start to get cleaned up by 7 in a position where it seems like we’re making good progress but that is still a sticking point what are you talking about ad blocking or programmatic ad-buying ways that that the content Publishers and get plugged into networks to come to find the value where it is cuz I think there’s probably a lot of really great content out there that just hasn’t found a home or found legs because it couldn’t find financing and that’s unfortunate. I think if we get to a point where those networks can be spun up more easily and plugged into those that content you can find. So is that problem lesson advertising problem and we’re back to that awareness and getting support me and you get the ecosystem I think it’s the whole I mean I think it’s the ways in which advertisers are demanding particular units it’s the way that they are tuning out because they don’t agree with what the advertisers think they want to buy or it’s the content producers Stuck in the Middle thing that we wanted to produce the best thing that we can and we’re trapped in between these two people these two part of the city even psychological filtering if you know there’s an anomaly turn the volume down and turn away from the screen because they just they can actually do that and it’s less integrated to Hap’s into the things and so yeah it’s difficult to figure out how advertising to Denise a transform I believe we’re trying to bring the sponsor into the production of the event and trying to make it as seamless as possible it’s not to like you know Coca-Cola thing we try to find logical ways in which they can be incorporated into the structure of the event but yeah continue to come move in that space all right Chris they predictions we’ve been it feels like we’ve been moving started towards the bod model more and more increasingly but I think as the bar comes down for creating high-quality content live content will have more people who are out there trying to create it generally that buzz that interest in getting Geisha people could be sure to lose that engagement the more you go to the name of the time shifted content you really lose that it’s all the Serta remote experience I think it’s going to be more interactive along the same lines of 4K in and start having the second screen experience back on the first screen and being able to do some things there and I think we’ll probably see that interesting ly probably coming through things like game consoles another and set-top boxes that just have a lot more truth to them so you can really do some very interesting interactive experiences on with 4k on a big screen and I think you’ve already highlighted about discoverability I suspect some people are going to get really smart about content aggregation by interest you know they’ll be some way to say I’m interested in surfing no B1 destination to go to or maybe there’s one site that just her to roll the ball the live streams happening around the world or a whole bunch of them and then you can filter by interest and then you know you get the top 10 recommended ones you actually go find that content so I suspect it’ll be that time social media will provide a way of discovering the content based on what you’re interested in what you want to watch right now okay Mike I will go from present to future it but we are trying to do a Halo the reply but a lot of startups everyone pretty much because there wasn’t money in this live things why multi-camera and now you know as life gets bigger I’m still not quite seeing that that people want the contents so much in terms of like a show you know like I was saying earlier if they definitely like interacting and they like watching sports and I think that still is what we’re looking at it because now with Periscope a girl who’s sitting there as an artist in La is made more than any of us have in the live streaming in The Last 5 Years any professional companies have you know what terms of content companies which most again are gone at this point but now we’re starting a phase 2 of that and I see a lot of you know these companies doing we’re doing six years ago trying to the shows and with influencers or whatever and I still don’t see the big numbers unless you’re talking about a big concert with a Justin Bieber or something like that but the typical we’re going to put on a great show still doesn’t seem to resume what I do see working like I said is something like a periscope and I really feel like that could be the next phase of take that there’s so much stuff going to Paris Hilton and honestly 99% of his people just talk into the camera just like it was for Vlogs that I think under over 30 doesn’t quite understand but I think there’s something in it that around the world those people can store to become the newsmakers like or you knows where the documentarians of actual news that’s going on so now there isn’t necessarily a network news filter and I see that is the possibility of how life can really hook in and do something new and get away from the order to create a show and make it like TV and hopefully people will like it as opposed to there’s somebody in cereal Egypt there somebody you know where ever doing that doing their own news take and just kind of broadcasting live even without their take on it just the camera I’m and we did a quick weave Ashok I’ll take my Bitcoin we go away like $40,000 worth of Bitcoins in a worldwide games over 22 Episodes live on the internet without a big rig with the 1970s title game show and most the people who are participating were not in America I mean we. 200 or something countries are winners and it was Egypt at like 6 in the morning and Israel and so they’re much more to technology than people here and they just didn’t think that was a big deal that we were doing a live show and giving them money they just thought that was Evolution so and I see them as possible newscasters once you start game two more Periscope with live things like that is it a rebirth in journalism nobody watches you know when other people still do you watch that Network news but not really the cable news it’s so pointed whether it’s no matter who you like there’s fox or MSNBC it there still a crazy point of view on all of them so yeah I think you get back into the journalism of the erosion of the cronkite’s of their they’re just telling a story of what it really is going on okay well I mean to take a quick step back there was a time if you guys can believe this when I used to sell a T1 to somebody for $75,000 a month and it was 1500 K and it took six months and I had to justify to the Federal Trade Commission that most of your traffic was Interstate not interlata to be competing with the baby bells who are no longer part of AT&T one magic Day frame relays invented in that cost goes to $1,500 to $500 in San Diego becomes the first County in America to have more Broadband then dial up users I think one of our next big networks the bottleneck being broken for both up and down ending Google Fiber is doing a great job at leading the charge were people are seeing speeds of a gig when that bottle next breed monsters amounts of content will be flowing to your devices and they’ll be capable of taking 4K or 8K know these guys have already built the devices that are already what we see what we get is already obsolete when we get in our hands so I think in the future we’ll see more of that I definitely feel like we’re going to see more specialized sites that was mentioned by Chris we’re actually trying to establish one for alternative media because guys are getting shut down from YouTube who say the wrong things against the government who want to freedom of speech site they are going to sell membership sites because people don’t want to sit through ads so the ants have a great effect on selling personal membership sites right there are people who want ad free YouTube got a new ad free site that’s $10 a month which is going after YouTube customers by giving him a better cut for 60 30 or 70 30 vs. 60 40 for splits the Periscope phenomena to me is amazing we there was a time when what I did was like being on Abbott and Costello and if people would say what are you doing you streaming media hosting what does that mean I hope streaming media what do you do what your company called streaming media hosting like I get that but what is it you do okay weho streaming media correct you are a company that hoe streaming media yes in your cup streaming media host and yes what is it you do YouTube gets bought and Myspace gets bought Rite billions of dollars and everybody goes and plays with it for free at will call it consumer-level Periscope is doing the same thing with live because everybody played with it for free at a consumer level and then wanted to customize for an enterprise-level enabling folks like me streaming media hosting to make money selling you a service that could be private labeled and could be whatever you wanted it to be outside the box of the free service right Periscope is doing the same exact thing evangelizing live where many people who are beginning to use it now at a consumer level are no longer fearful of calling a company like mine is saying I want to do a live broadcast I could do with this spillover and it’s such a humongous ratio of BLD versus live for us it’s 9010 it can only go up I think the multi-screen point that was made is going to be Iron Man in your face via virtual reality with Facebook leading the charge with the Oculus Rift within two years you’ll see multi screen in your face and it will be like Iron Man in your friend pops up they’ve already got the technology where you and I could be at the 10-yard line of the football game we click a button with a little controller now you and I moved the 50-yard line and we’re moving virtually at the stadium with different location we can move to I think one of the things going to see a lot more of his live linear right 24/7 linear programming that comes over live is like everybody thinks it’s going to be in the future all about I’m going to push the button for what I want I think you’re going to see a lot more channels being presented to you were content is either live or live linear just like you see on TV today live the RV Sports in concerts and more experiences more interactivity and more specialized sites to suit needs so that it was my predictions for the future we have the people who are like I said define the future we’re thinking about it so you have Oracles in front of you here to ask questions so you have a few minutes to ask about the future so any questions from the audience any burning questions how many guys are ready to go huh here we go and I’ll try to repeat it so we get in the camera so it’s so the question I’ll try to reset that is a hits hard to restate that one so is specifically to Rich and surfing do you have some advantages maybe because you’re on the internet and because it’s a different model maybe is Notre Dame from the content perspective in some broadcast Partnerships so in Australia or actually featured on fuel TV haven’t necessarily seen a huge impact on tune in to the two bar on broadcast of it but it and it’s just that opportunity expose us to an audience that otherwise didn’t yet know us know that we were around we had a huge Advantage I mean one of the biggest things for us is that we were able to bring Dynamic mid-roll Advertising to our space I don’t I didn’t realize I can be the advertising guy and we bring on a sponsorship we would bring on sponsorship from companies that I’ve Global footprint so port for Jeep it means that they can run their winter ads for one Hemisphere and their summer as for the other Hemisphere and turn tie rod ends at the same time and said that to us was kind of a big game-changer for us and in what we can provide to them we’re going to put in that bill yeah I think it puts us a huge Advantage where we’re not necessarily is beholden to even just Hardware constraints even just kind of infrastructure can you know I will say we are still trying to figure out you know the Scotty tone you know ways in which we kind of there still an expectation that we deliver a TV experience a lot of the guys that produce our shows are from Fox Sports and infirm NFL many guys are used to produce in these things a certain way and the team expects that you come back from that at exactly as you would if it was linear broadcast so we’re held a very tight margins on Phil over but that doesn’t necessarily prevent us from also wanting to participate in network inventory and be dynamic and deliver that individualized experience so it is a challenge but I think I think we’re at an advantage against the traditional folks it makes me think of one time somebody said that movies have become trailers for video games right it’s like you know you get involved in starts a franchise and you spent all your time in the video game YouTube sometimes I think now broadcast my pee the trailer for the internet experience right where you can really go really deep and spend a lot of time there and so I think there’s potentially complimentary things so this is going to disappear think Advantix ever going to change the monetization across multiple different distribution mechanisms and especially live streaming and being able to do all the sudden goes I want to go to that circuit event but I want to see the 12 Periscope cameras are 12 should we keep saying purse that was really live cameras you know if people are may be running themselves could get that make him a better experience a very interesting does Troy Mich on the call we actually found good success are social team will is very good about trying to keep an eye on what stories might be developing and seeing ways in which they can augment the broadcast by covering that story in a way that broadcast can’t so for example we had a heat should a contest on the beach here in San Clemente where there was a particularly contentious ask or apply to a Surfers maneuver he got out of the water in it and it went to blowing up on social was a very heated debate about whether he deserve the score that he got when he got out of the water you logically wanted to hear his input you wanted to hear his feedback he lost the round and we typically interview the winter broadcast was able to do a slight sliver of an interview and what kind of get his thoughts on the light level but then they had to go back to the next Heat that was in the water right when we did that are social team fired up a periscope stream and followed him for the rest of the time all the way into the locker room and give you a really personal look at how he was reacting to the to the whole experience and what his take was on it was a perfect way to kind of augmented broadcast and provide kind of added value the trick that were going to try and figure out going forward is how do we then logically throw you back to the broadcast but I think for that person who otherwise might have been tuned out by the next by the next to that started it at least give us that add a couple of minutes of time to be able to kind of keep you engaged and keep you involved but let me play yard for just a second to send rich I think you’re not telling the audience when they say professional crew like maybe you could speak on what Peter Mel does when he’s remote and he’s not in that like I don’t want to spoil you want with waterproof Mike’s are commentators oftentimes former professional Surfers themselves so he said he’s a big wave surfer he’s used to surfing at Mavericks up north very comfortable paddling into 30 40 50 foot waves so when we put him in the lineup he sits there with a water up Mike pack on his back and a water might like this and he’s able to actually do conduct interviews from the lineup for the second that the he tends Surfer paddle over to him he licks his arm to them and then they conduct their post-interview floating front with the camera on the jet ski from the back really fun we get to we get the kind of explore a lot of new angles that I don’t think most other sports have the opportunity to you know that said it would be fantastic to have a stadium and like bolted equipment and all they like beautiful you know like deal with it yeah we’re jealous on that on that front but we did we have any kind of lean into the to the on beach environment as best we can all right well what time please thank the panel for with me in the great job guys!

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