The Future Of Video

Live streaming videos are changing the world. I remember twelve years ago when I started to upload my edited videos on YouTube for my online bible teaching on Wednesdays. You had a few of the legendary preachers who were doing television with clips on YouTube, but not more than that. Today! Every ministry is live streaming or doing some type of broadcasting. We have many social websites that have multiple functionalities with blogging and live streaming. It seem to be no end in sight as to where live streaming or video archiving is going. It seem this was a missing piece of the social networks. Looking back on how far we have came with videos. I believe it will continue to multiply every year. Phones will get much better at recording high quality videos because  cameras installed on them will get higher pixels. The speed to edit and upload videos to social websites will only get better. Some smart geek will continue to figure ways to make compression and quality ten times better than it is today. Don’t believe me, ask yourself or just look back five years ago and look at the smart phone you have today compared to what you had then. There is still a new technology out there that is yet to be discovered my some smart geek. So if you ask me how far we have come, just remind yourself of what have happened over the last six years with most police departments requiring all officers to wear body cameras because people with high resolution cell phone cameras were able to capture a few rouge cops doing illegal activities. If you ask me how far we will go, then I will tell you the sky is the limit. If you do something wrong and drive through your old neighborhood someone will capture your activities on the home DVR. Ring door bell is one of the leading security gadget on the market today. So, where it the plateaus for videos? Who know! So live streaming videos and archived will only get better and more abandon. Storage for videos will have to increase so a regular computer will come with terabytes instead of gigabytes. The geeks will find ways to make the drives faster and smaller. The compression and the quality will have to get better. Again, if you ask me what’s the future for videos, I will say the sky is the limit.

So what will eventually happen in the church space with videos? If they church community would like to grow, then they will have to adapt to the trend of video growth. Live stream videos to nursing home and retirement homes have to be a must. The outreach has to change to get to new people.

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